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Analysis of the best marketing model in the hardware industry
Date: 2018-12-07 17:06:00

In the fierce market competition, in order to gain more market share, some hardware tool manufacturers began to test e-commerce. In 2014, e-commerce will become the best sales model for hardware tools companies.

When it comes to the sales model of hardware tools companies, wholesale, retail and online sales, wholesale and retail are more traditional sales methods, and online sales are emerging sales methods, widely used today and in the future by hardware tools companies. Look good!

At present, although there are more than 6,000 hardware tool enterprises in China, most of them are mainly low-end products or OEMs, and high-end products and brand products are still dominated by Europe and the United States. In the fierce market competition, in order to gain more market share, some hardware tool manufacturers began to test e-commerce, and more people took a wait-and-see attitude. Linyuan squid or retreat to the net? Zhao Bo, a hardware tool manufacturer, said that in 2014 he put the hope of expanding sales on the e-commerce platform, and hopes to achieve sales increase through the e-commerce platform. According to Zhao Boss, his hardware tool factory has relatively low qualifications. Compared with some veteran hardware tool manufacturers, he is weak in terms of customer source and market. Only by expanding sales channels and gaining more through online marketing. More sales will lay the foundation for future development and upgrading.

For small and medium-sized hardware tools companies, e-commerce is undoubtedly the best choice to expand sales channels and increase sales. It not only has a wide range of radiation, but also has low input costs. But in the face of numerous e-commerce platforms, what kind of e-commerce platform can hardware and equipment companies choose to achieve the desired results? There are many e-commerce platforms, but in general, there is nothing more than a comprehensive e-commerce platform and an industry-wide e-commerce platform. The comprehensive e-commerce platform covers a wide range.

The industry-wide e-commerce platform is an e-commerce platform specifically for the hardware tools industry, which is more targeted. Comprehensive e-commerce platforms and professional e-commerce platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of development trends, professional e-commerce platforms are more suitable for hardware tools companies.

Small and medium-sized hardware tools companies carry out e-commerce, in order to increase sales and save costs. The charging model for most e-commerce platforms today is for members and advertisements. No matter whether you get a list on the platform, you only have to pay if you register as a member or push you an inquiry. This is a small gap between small and medium-sized hardware tools companies and the desire to take orders through the e-commerce platform, which has caused some hardware tool companies to disappoint the e-commerce platform.

There are also many e-commerce platforms that have identified the needs of users, overcome these shortcomings of e-commerce platforms, and introduced a pay-per-performance model. For example, hardware tools factory stores, hardware tools manufacturers can not only register for free, but also enjoy free to take a list, if the hardware tool manufacturer does not reach a deal, then a penny does not charge, if the transaction is reached, according to the turnover One charge. The hardware tool factory store pays for the effect mode, which not only helps small and medium-sized hardware tool manufacturers to get orders, but also greatly saves sales costs.

According to the latest published research report, global brand manufacturers will increasingly expect the market to sell online in 2014, and the sales growth of this year's Taobao double eleven is not difficult to predict. In 2014, e-commerce will become the best hardware tool enterprise. Sales model.

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