Zhuhai Jingzhan Machinery Co.,Ltd
Company Profile

With 4500 square meters factory locating in Zhuhai Jingzhan Machinery Co.,Ltd, we are a professional processing & manufacturing enterprise enjoying convenient transportation. We commit to the R&D and manufacture of machinery equipment, automation equipment, sheet metal riveting, hardware accessory, stainless steel product, as well as equipment maintenance and upgrading.




Nowadays, our factory has such key equipments as below:
First, machine processing equipments:
(1) 18 CNC lathes, 10 precision normal lathes
(2) Milling machine: 20 Taiwan end-milling machines, 8 CNC milling machines (computer gongs), 6 processing centers
(3) 6 high-precision flat grinding machines, one all-purpose tool grinding machine
(4) 10 wire cutting machines, 4 precision wire cutting machines
(5) Supporting processing machines: polishing machine, chamfering machine, sand blasting machine, threading machine, bench drilling machine, etc.
(6) Secondary element projector (equipped with computer)

Second, sheet metal, rivet welding equipments:
(1) 3 plate shearing machines
(2) 3 bending machines
(3) 8 argon arc welding machines
(4) 3 welding machines
(5) 2 carbon dioxide protection welding machines
(6) Equipments, like electro-welding, gas cutting, gas welding, laser cutting, etc.

Now, we possess about 260 staffs, including 8 senior engineers, 3 electromechanical engineers, 10 professional design engineers, 15 engineering management personnel and 150 technical personnel. We set business department, process engineering department, production department, quality control department, purchasing department, financial department and human resource department.




Main business and production capacity:    
Our key business are high-requirements, high-quality & high-standard design, processing and production of all kinds of parts, tooling fixture, hardware accessory, stainless steel product, sheet metal rivet welding, anti-static product, rubber mold, rubber accessory, cart, goods shelf, conveying equipment, bed-of-nail testing, aging testing, tin furnace fixture, mixing equipment, electronic automation equipment, CNC lathe and CNC milling machine. Besides, we are also engaged in the design & manufacture of all kinds of non-standard equipments. Also, we cooperate with other factories for such supporting products as forming aluminum, precision die-casting, casting, all kinds of heat treatment, surface treatment, magnesium-aluminum alloy low-temperature anodizing (up to HRC60℃surface hardness after anodizing), all kinds of import temperature & corrosion resistant sheet metal, etc. 

With key customers in Zhuhai and Zhongshan, we mainly provide them with all kinds of precision fixture, non-standard automation equipments, accessories and the wholesales of processing parts, medical treatment equipment accessories. We set up strict quality assurance system and order-tracking system, which enable us to not only control product qualification rate to over 98%, but also provide great after-sales service and supporting service, like car delivery. As an energetic enterprise, we have enough space and plenty capital to develop further. Based on the operation concept of developing Special Zone economy and cooperating with win-win situation, and the operation tent of "quality-oriented and credit-first", we sincerely welcome customers to guide, negotiate and cooperate with us. 

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