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Looking at the development of fingerprint lock industry from ferrule replacement
Date: 2018-12-07 17:08:53

The first generation of ferrule: hotel lock ferrule period

At the end of the last century, fingerprint locks were introduced into China by Europe and the United States. At this time, the fingerprint locks paid more attention to the competition between technology and quality. The products mainly appeared in hotels, government agencies, high-end villas and other places. Hotel ferrule is one of the most important technical representatives of the fingerprint lock industry during this period.

The fingerprint lock ferrule of this period has begun to have a generous tongue, and the generous tongue can only be controlled inside the house, and the intelligence is relatively poor. And because the electromechanical cooperation is too cumbersome, there will be a large gap when the ferrule is closed, so that the thief or illegal molecules can use the card to open the lock. Just like the clips played in many police films, the card can be used in a few seconds. This lock has poor security performance.

However, compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the fingerprint lock of this period is highly intelligent, and it can realize functions such as swiping the card to open the door, which is convenient for management. It is very popular among hotels, clubs and other high-level places. The application is relatively wide. Today, it is still many. The first object of the hotel project.

Second generation ferrule: the handle ferrule period

At present, the industry's most widely used and most widely mortise lock body is the "lifting handle" ferrule. The fingerprint lock ferrule of this period was optimized on the basis of the hotel ferrule, and the ferrule electromechanical technology was more mature, which changed the cumbersome cubit when closing the door, and the gap was large, which made the door lock switch door more For the sake of smoothness and safety, the "hotel ferrule" has been improved. In addition, the ferrules of this period have generally increased the anti-mite design in order to prevent bedding, and are now widely used in the fingerprint lock civilian market.

Even though the fingerprint lock ferrule in this period has been greatly improved compared to the hotel ferrule, it still has its fatal shortcomings. The most obvious one is that you need to lift the handle after closing the door to actually lock the door. This function is very inconsistent with the modern people's habits, especially the elderly and children, are habitually think that the door is closed and the door has been locked, it is easy to forget to lift the handle. This is very easy for the lawless elements to be organic. The case of property security caused by such situations is often seen in newspapers and periodicals, but most of the industry's enterprises are still stuck in the era of "hands on the handle" for technical reasons.

The third generation of ferrules: the large tongue self-elastic ferrule period

In order to solve the problem left by the "lifting the door when the handle is lifted", the industry giant Dijir, after years of painstaking research, first created the technology of "automatic pop-up when the door is closed."

This technology, driven by Dijir's original sealed capsule sensing drive technology, has abandoned the motor drive, which greatly reduces the friction between the internal machinery of the ferrule, which can automatically drive the large tongue to automatically pop up and realize the fingerprint lock. Closing the door is a locking function, which makes up for the shortcomings of the second-generation ferrule that requires the hand-held handle to be locked. It is more in line with people's habits and further improves safety performance.

Even though the ferrules of this period have so many advantages, with the improvement of people's safety requirements, the ferrules of this period still cannot meet the needs of people because they cannot automatically pop up the heaven and earth poles.

The fourth generation of ferrules: multi-point tongue self-elastic ferrule period

In order to further meet people's needs, Dijir in-depth research and development on the basis of the third generation of ferrules, after years of precipitation, with excellent technology, top technology, successfully developed the fourth generation of self-propelled multi-lock ferrules, that is, automatic closing The large tongue and the heaven and earth poles are popped up, which greatly enhances the scientific and technological content and intelligent content of the products, and has higher security performance. It is the most superior lock body to date, meeting the needs of people's intelligent life development.

However, due to the high technical requirements and high cost of the lock body, the ferrule is not widely used in the fingerprint lock industry, and many enterprises still stay in the second generation to handle the ferrule period. With the advancement of technology, this technology will be better optimized, and can be further popularized in the fingerprint lock industry to facilitate people's life needs.

The industry believes that although the current fingerprint lock ferrule technology can meet the needs of modern people to a large extent, there are still many spaces for improvement. If the fingerprint lock industry wants to achieve further development, it is necessary not only to work hard on the lock body technology, but also to improve the ferrule optimization, to promote the ferrule intelligent further improvement, to achieve the standard of life in the future, so that fingerprints can be realized. The high, fine and sharp lock technology leads the development of fingerprint locks.

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