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Analysis of the overall development situation of machinery industry
Date: 2018-12-07 17:10:13

The market share of domestic metal processing machine tools continued to increase, reaching 70.1%; the market share of domestic CNC machine tools reached 62%. Most of its demand orders come from various types of enterprises in the machinery industry; at the same time, its level is of special significance to the upgrading of all walks of life in the machinery industry. Therefore, the development of the machine tool industry depends not only on the overall development of China's machinery industry, but also on the healthy development of the entire industry.

Compared with the situation of China's machinery industry, the situation of the machine tool industry last year and the contradictions faced are more prominent. Data from the China Machinery Industry Federation show that until the first half of 2011, demand is still very strong, and most machine tool companies are in a state of booming production and sales; but since the second half of last year, demand growth has slowed significantly. The new orders have fallen sharply, the economic benefits have gradually become severe, and the profit rate has continued to decline.

Data show that in 2011, China's machine tool industry imports were 20.7 billion US dollars, while exports were 7.3 billion US dollars, and the import and export deficit was as high as 13.4 billion US dollars. It can be seen that the demand for machine tool products in China is objective, but domestic machine tool companies cannot fully satisfy it; if the basic balance of imports and exports can be achieved, the Chinese machine tool industry can increase sales by 13.4 billion US dollars last year. Last year, the trade deficit between China's machinery industry and the world-recognized machinery industry powerhouses Germany and Japan was as high as 49.2 billion US dollars and 57.8 billion US dollars respectively. Last year, the average export price of CNC machine tools in China was only 33,000 US dollars per Taiwan, while the import unit price was 219,000. USD/Taiwan, the export unit price is only 15% of the import; all of these, clearly and unambiguously tell us that the technical level of China's machinery industry is still far from the international advanced level.

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